Welcome to the Trumbauersville
    Scholarship Program

     I am excited to announce that we are starting
    our Trumbauersville Scholarship Program. The
    program will run annually from July 1st through
    the end of June. It will begin this year on July 1,
    2020 and the first scholarship(s) will be awarded
    at Community Day in June 2021. We will be
    awarding a maximum of 2 scholarships per year.
    The scholarship(s) will consist of a minimum of a
    $100 per recipient, per year. The final dollar
    amount will be decided by Council. Applicants
    must be a Junior Council Member or be
    accepted for a community service project.
    However, preference will be given to our Junior
    Council Members.

    This program is to encourage our youth to learn
    about local government and community. Our
    goal is to inspire our future leaders to go on to a
    college or trade school.

    I have asked the businesses of the community
    to help support this program. We are already off
    to a great start! Our businesses really came out
    to support this endeavor as they see the value in
    our children and their future. If you or your
    business would like to donate to this program,
    please contact me at:
    mayor.jamesblack@gmail.com .

    ~ Mayor James D Black
Trumbauersville Scholarship Program

    Eligibility Requirements:

    1} Applicant must be in High School {eleventh or twelfth grade}
    or attending either a College or Trade School {Maximum age of 21}

    2} Applicant must be a Trumbauersville resident.

    3} Applicant must be either:

    a}  A Junior Council Person-

    Members must attend 8 out of 12 council meetings also volunteer for
    at least 1 community event.


    b} Perform Community Service-

    Members seeking a scholarship for community service must have
    permission given from council that the act or acts of community
    service would be eligible. Also, must volunteer for at least one
    community event.


    Preference will be given to Junior Council Members,
    up to two scholarships will be awarded per year. We can have up to
    two Junior Council Members per year.
    How to Apply:

    1} Application Form

    2} Essay:

    a} Students should write a letter of interest to borough council
    outlining why they want to be a JCP.

    b} Students should write a letter of interest to borough council
    outlining their community service projects.

Business Donations
Trum Tavern

Larry Smock
Theobald & Oppenheimer
Midnight Madness
    To learn more about making a donation

This program is solely funded by donations
    No tax payer dollars are used
B&J Sheet Metal Inc
KDC Trucking LLC